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What is Pip?

Pip makes learning fun through structured programmes of videos and interactive games.

Through programmes like Pip Phonics, Pip Stories and Pip Maths, your child can build their confidence as they explore, play and collect badges at their own pace.

You can subscribe to Pip for £5 per month on your iPad, Android or computer. Or you can buy a Pip Pad tablet with everything for £60.

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Kate Siccolo

Deputy Head at Samworth Academy (Leicester)

"We are using the APP every day and the kids love it! It is by far the most popular thing we use!"

Charlotte Neary

Class teacher - U.A.E

"The Learn with Pip app is a fantastic resource for the classroom. My PreSchool class absolutely love using it to revise what they have learnt. We either do it as a whole class on the interactive whiteboard or they can individually access it using the class iPad."

Charlotte Neary

Class teacher - U.A.E

"It is great to have such an interactive and fun learning tool to get children engaged in phonics and reading from a young age. I love how you can adapt the levels for each child and I have specifically seen great progression from children with EAL who initially struggled in our phonics sessions."

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As a child explores the world of Pip, they can collect their own badges to show their progress.

Each badge has a particular learning objective. If you love stories, you can get the Goldilocks badge. If you love counting sweets, get the Sweet Factory badge! There's something for everyone with Pip!

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